Marcus Aheneum Canalis

Turns out I might be even more forgetful than I thought…

Anyway, here’s a little thing from Ludum Dare 36: I made graphics for a steampunk styled Pipe clone by Rialgar:

You can play it at the Ludum Dare site: Marcus Aheneum Canalis

New xα

Took me waaay longer than I had intended to get the new look for my site ready, probably due to me moving and having started DJing at rock-circle-radio.de.

Anyway, here it is:

And I just can’t fight the feeling that there won’t be any link necessary for this one…

Night Line City

Uhm, yeah. This was meant to be a study in page contruction, classic typography, light text on dark background, the relation of font size and font weight, and several other things, based on my desire to do something with the Palatino Nova font family by the acclaimed German typeface designer and calligrapher Hermann Zapf.

It has also since become a major stepping stone for the update of my site design.

Find it here if you dare: Night Line City

Site Update: 2014-06-18

After eliminating (by the way of a catastrophic hard disk drive failure) a faulty line from my browser config, I found out I don’t actually need to have thumbnails anymore, as the internal image scaling is now of sufficient quality in all rendering engines I can test (Trident, Blink, Gecko), so I removed the auto thumbnailer script.

I also fixed some oversights in the code and replaced some faulty or outdated images.

Midnight at the Subway Station

Almost can’t believe I haven’t published anything since that LCARS thing…

Anyways, this hase been sitting on my computer for quite some time now, and since I didn’t have any idea what to add or take away from it, and since I have also moved on to other stuff, here it is: Midnight at the Subway Station.

Doing my own take on the ›subway signage‹ thing has been on my mind for quite a few years now, yet I never got it to a satisfactory state until now.

But I actually rather like how it turned out.

(This one uses the Myriad Pro font family, available on Linotype and Adobe.)


I’m just going to publish this now, before it ends up in development hell forever.

I tried my hand at setting up something that looks like the LCARS interface from Star Trek, just to see if it is at all possible. Turns out, not as much possible as I would have liked, at least not in this way. SVG may be better suited than XHTML and CSS here. It works reasonably well with Firefox, on ‘certain’ resolutions, but it seems to be heavily dependent on specific implementation details. Also, this has to be the most convoluted code I’ve ever written.

I used the Univers font family here, because it offered me a greater flexibility, while looking resonably similar to the technically correct Helvetica.

Those brave enough may take a look at LCARS here.


Rialgar asked me to rework his website at www.rialgar.de to show more content at once, based on an experimental proof-of-concept dual column layout I did a while ago.

Space Adventure

And another thing I forgot about: My first entry into the Ludum Dare Rapid Game Making Contest:

Space Adventure

An arcade-style space shooter for which I did graphics (pixel pushing) & design, and also some code (star field generation) in a jam together with Rialgar.

Also, the background images (behind the star field) are taken from NASA.

Zero Hour Game Jam: Pong (post mortem)

A thing I totally forgot to post here: My entry for the Zero Hour Game Jam 2013: Trying to do Pong in less than an hour during the daylight saving time skip (2am – 2am):

My original entry contained a stupid (but easily fixable) bug concerning the movement of the opponent, which I fixed the next morning.

Try Zero Hour Pong. Use the W and S keys to move the blue paddle up and down.

I was trying to create something that is subdued yet not bland, as to not take away the focus from the content and not interefere with all those other things I created, which are sometimes quite flashy.

Along with this one comes my picture wall, where I will publish all those photographs catching dust on various hard disk drives and memory cards.

It also creates a nice Droste effect!

Paper Tabs

Just something to play around with swashes and a calligraphic typeface…

Modern – Electric Light

I had developed a certain desire to create a web page design thematically fitting the use of a modern or didone font. My first idea was based around the steel and glass construction of the Crystal Palace, which, sadly, hasn’t worked out the way I want it to yet, so I did something around the idea of the new electric light.

Inspirations for this include old radios and tube amps, and other oldish-looking electrical appliances.

This one uses the Kepler Standart font family by Robert Slimbach, available on Adobe.

Shards Landing Page

This is the new web page design I created for SHARDS, an online multiplayer game some friends of mine created:

Web App: Quantum Computer Simulator

As part of the Quantum Computing Lecture, we had the option of doing a programming task in addition to the exam. I’ve decided to do a Quantum Computer Simulator as a web app in order to also get a better grasp at JavaScript and UI design.

Rialgar.de Homepage

This is the latest evolution of my Glass design, currently deployed on rialgar.de:

Also included in this deployment are tab based navigation and a prefetcher.